Temperature controlled units at Cascade Self Storage in Grants Pass, Oregon

Grants Pass Temperature-Controlled Storage

Give your temperature-sensitive belongings the extra protection they deserve with a temperature-controlled storage space for rent from Cascade Self Storage. Our Grants Pass, Oregon, temperature-controlled storage spaces keep your items cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Why choose temperature-controlled storage over traditional storage? Items like electronics, paperwork, pictures, upholstered furniture, and even household appliances can be harmed by extreme temperatures. You can diminish this risk by selecting a space that never gets too hot or too cold.

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An Extra Level of Protection

While most of your items will do great in our traditional exterior spaces, our temperature-controlled storage spaces are your best option when you need to store items that are vulnerable to the heat or cold. Cascade Self Storage offers a variety of sizes, ensuring you’ll find the right space for your belongings. No matter how the weather changes outside, temperature-controlled spaces regulate the temperature level indoors, providing an extra layer of protection for your items.

Items that do well in this type of environment include electronics, framed pictures, leather, media items (DVDs, videos, vinyl records), medical supplies, metals, musical instruments, paperwork, photographs, upholstered furniture, wicker and wood items.

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